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Start preparing your staff for your retirement now! Show that you care by investing in this worthy course. All workers regardless of age are destined to retire at some point. However, very few organizations and individuals prepare for this, leading to reduced productivity in the final years at work, lack of focus, poor health, and early death in retirement. Planning for the future ensures that when faced with retirement you have peace of mind and are not bogged down by questions such as: Will I be able to meet my obligations? How can I best sort out my finances? What sort of activities will I be suited to, given my experience and temperament? What about my health?



During this life-changing training, the participants will cover the following:

  1. Understanding retirement – Knowing my purpose, strengths & weaknesses Self-evaluation, aging & ailments, and healthy living.
  2. Planning retirement- finances, pension, investment vehicles, social and family relationships.
  3. Re-employment/Volunteer services- career path, interview, presentation skills, networking, and resource pools.
  4. Business: Choice, Entrepreneurial skills, planning, research, management, incorporation, legal requirements, tax planning, Succession.
  5. Sustainability- wealth management, self-preservation, social intelligence sexuality, discrimination, failures, rejection



After the training, the following benefits and much more will be achieved:

For the employee:

• Entrepreneurial skill

• Value for money

• Good financial management

• Healthy Working Environment

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